Saudi Capital Riyadh Flooded with Heavy Rain ( VIDEO)

Riyadh, the 5 million strong capital of Saudi Arabia, generally doesn’t receive much rainfall over the year. One source says that, on average, just 0.2 inches of rain fall in November.

It’s perhaps because of this that the city has been unable to handle around two hours of heavy rain today. Residents are in shock, with many Internet users are posting pictures of flooded streets.

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saudi flood

Here’s one video:


The capital experienced heavy downpours Saturday night, with rains flooding roads knee-deep and causing traffic congestion. A heavy blanket of cloud enveloped the city skyline the entire rain before the downpours began.

Riyadh flood


saudi flooded

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  1. AvaE

    ” what goes around comes around” this is the beginning so pray to your what ever you believe in so the Ethiopian God will forgive u. you might have killed and abuse few Ethiopians’ their God have the power to wipe you out of this land that you called holly

  2. Besufekad

    This is what this blood thirsty beast deserve. Oh Allah may all our prayers be herd so that they suffer more disasters and more deaths among them selfs for the killing of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters


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