Ethiopia beat South Africa 2-1 Heading to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Ethiopia beat South Africa 2-1 – Heading to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

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  1. Ahmad Ibrahim

    Fifa ranking for August 2013 will define Level (A) & (B)
    so Egypt & Ethiopia cannot play the final round against each other

  2. Sol kuku

    The sad think is The Ethiopian football association screwed in Bostwana Game and FIFA is investigating and Ethiopia will lose 3 points- it is no more certain -south africa is back in the game again (read bbc report an hour ago)

  3. ehab malati

    easy bro.. no one is hating Ethiopia. we are happy for you guys and hope you play against Algeria and beat them 4-0.. greeting from all Egyptians to Ethiopian ppl

  4. ehab malati

    we hope as Egyptian to meet the algerians and beat them 4-0 and disqualify them this time from the world cup .

  5. xuux12

    Congratulation ethiopia love from somalia <3 and Fuck south africans, let them white boyz running their country deal with em lol

  6. Ahmad Hossainy

    I noticed that the ref. and his assistants are wearing something on their noses, obviously it’s to improve their respiration because the lack of oxygen at Addis Ababa due to its high altitude, but what is it ?!

  7. Daniel Tsighe

    i mean not you… i mean the “special ethiopians” who are under 20 live in the US or Europe who hasnt` got any idea whats going between eritrea and ethiopia. This kids have are totally wrong opinion about these contrys. i m a PROUD ERITREAN of course, but i m a habesha, like my ethiopian neigbours. we same the same culture, the same food.

  8. SAMAND33

    Well If Ethiopia is found guilty they will still lead 2 points and no doubt that they will beat the floppy central african republic.


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