Egypt Ready For War Over Ethiopia Nile Dam Plans

Egypt is not ruling out military action against a controversial dam being built along the Nile River in Ethiopia, but says it wants to explore diplomatic cha…

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  1. newhamoksha1

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  2. newhamoksha1

    No , these ethiopian bastards need to be taught a lesson , they r nothing but isreali slaves , who sleep with monkeys . u cant tell the difference between an ethiopian and a monkey.

  3. Papa Dragon

    U kidding me Tata ? You start it and wanna bleed our only water source and we do nothing?..with help of Israel you betrayers..I think About it and I see ur a bunch of civil war shit history with very sick joke army think you can beat the 11th army “us” it always Ben ur dream since 1907 but our leaders never accepted it and you were so afraid from them and out great army will fuck YOU and ur beloved israel

  4. Tata Mokonzi

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  5. Tata Mokonzi

    All the Arab nations who are occupying North African territory should be booted out of the African Union. The fact that they are sitting on African territory (which they acquired through conquest, genocide and ethnic cleansing) does not make them African. They should stay in their Arab League and we retain our African Union

  6. Ahmed Issa

    It’s about power! the one who have the power is the one who gonna win this case! cause we’re living in a jungle! this is the reality

  7. Livexoxo1

    This’s oil money does to arab raping people and slaving them. This guy a saudi prince rape and killed a guy. Their moral is so secured up. Let not also forget how many nubian black they kill and rape by sinai region in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. They’re raping & burning women and men in a day light. We don’t see that on Tv right; they’re sick under closet.

  8. Livexoxo1

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  9. ashraf soliman

    Who is this guy?..he is not the minister of foreign affairs…these peiople represent themselves and not us…they are PRETTY CLOWNS and will lead Egypt to fight ETHIOPIA..which is completely rejected..Aftricans are our brothers..and we shall never deny that WE ARE AFRICANS before the ARABS came to us

  10. jemalmohe77

    this is the case of using Ethiopian resource. we don’t worry about religion. here in Ethiopia both Muslaim and Christian are brothers. Country of tolerate, Ethiopia never give up in building OUR RENAISSANCE DAM. WE ARE ONE> ETHIOPIA

  11. tilagebretsadic

    win win /// 85% contributed by Ethiopia for Egypt life and death Egypt be positive don’t look back let Ur self out from colonized mental we r on panafricanism. that is it

  12. blackbrowngold

    NO u ugly so called egyptian u touch Ethiopia land of Beauty and u are finished u and your ugly mentality idiot egypt

  13. tenawabebe

    peace is more than anything. But, if not needed that will be war to follow. Ethiopia and we the people of Ethiopia are so committed for the sovereignty of our country. No matter what comes and who want war with Ethiopia will get punished after a bloody struggle or immediately when the game starts.

  14. Seth Erebos

    Dam safety aka covert sabotage later on when it’s completely built.

    Go back to the North Arabs, we’re not inferior now r we, lol.

  15. abiy oakdiredawa

    Egyptian Still they are in old thinking ….we ashamed on this , especially Egyptian never accept as Ethiopia is the home land of ABAY/Nile .This day Ethiopia has strong capacity, ability and the like to continue finish the great Renascence dam .No one can stopped it .. ,Egypt control to use Nile for a long period of time but we need fairness now, no one superior to use the Nile and others may inferior, no monopoly ABAY….. IS OUR FOOTPRINT!!!!!

  16. Amr boby

    The classification is as follows: 2013 International Classification: Egypt’s powerful army and Arab armies Africa and 14 globall 1 – United States 2 – Russia3 – China 4 – India5 – United Kingdom (UK)6 – France7 – Germany8 – South Korea9 – Italy 10 – Brazil11 – Turkey12 – Pakistan13 – Israel14 – Egypt15 – Indonesia16 – Iran 17 – Japan18 – Taiwan19 – Canada20 – Thailand21 – Mexico 22 – Ukraine23 – Australia24 Poland25 – Vietnam26 – Sweden 27 – Saudi Arabia28 – Ethiopia29 look at egypt number

  17. Amr boby

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  18. newhamoksha1

    Our Previous Kings and Pharaohs taught us never let those monkey dummies have control of the Nile , of course this means u guys , generation after generation we protected the smooth flow of the Nile , and with Gods will we will continue. and yes Egypt already has taken its precautions , u will be hit so hard and so fast without knowing what happened.. You guys can go cry to ur israeli buddies all u want. But we The Egyptians will come at u so hard with full power. fighting 4 israel wont help

  19. muller

    is this really what egyptian pupits think,this must be the time to teach egyptians how their for fathers knelled down in front of heroic,true passionate ethiopian patriots at the battle of gundet and gura in 1876,78 u white rats one single step will pay you a lot!!!even words can’express.don’t forget we are ethiopians,we knows properly how to punish white rats.lastly i don’t understand why u metion israel(z holly land)but before thy kick ur ass we r the first to kick ur rat fathers.leave christ land alone,ASK UR FATHERS…………………………….THEY WOULD TELL U WHO ETHIOPIANS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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