Comment on More than 9,000 arrests in Ethiopia since June killing of singer by Agazian

Addis market car for sale in ethiopia addis ababa

In reply to Hope.


It should have been basic for you to know, this people like, Al Mariam, are nothing but power hungry beasts who don’t give a rats ass about Ethiopia. Have you ever heard, if you can’t beat them join them? That is exactly what is happening. That is why I said in one of my comments, it is the toughest time to be Amhara right now. They are against your language, your ethnicity Amhara, you religion, your history and culture, they even want to destroy you economically by making Addis irrelevant, because they believe Amhara benefits from Addis than any one else. Amhara is doomed.

You call everyone Weyane when PP is kicking your butt from behind በ ፋራ ዛር The enormous hate in you has eat all the neurons in your head and now you are walking around with an empty box on top of your neck lol


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