Ethiopian Airlines and U.S. Embassy Clarify FAA Flying Ban on Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ( AddisNews) – Ethiopian Airlines and U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia sent out a press release that clarify reports by few websites including LATimes and as US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) placed a new ban on parts of Ethiopian air space as not safe space to fly.

On the FAA warning or prohibition U.S. commercial flights aren’t allowed to fly on north of 12 degrees latitude in Ethiopia’s airspace that covered the Tigray region. The U.S. also warns against using the Mandera Airstrip in Kenya, which is adjacent to Ethiopia and Somalia and may be fired upon by Ethiopian forces.

faa no fly zone

On the FAA ban clarification letter that came out from the Embassy of United States in Ethiopia and sent to AddisNews explained the warning was released on May 16, 2000 when there was a war between Ethiopia and Eritrea and it is outdated at this moment.

The press also stated that the FAA advisory pertaining Ethiopia/Kenya is dated 2002.

The FAA warning and prohibition report came after the  Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down  in Ukraine and Tuesday’s ban to fly to Israel after reports of an explosion near the Ben Gurion International Airport. According to the report “The FAA has restrictions or warnings on flights to Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, North and South Korea, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen.”

Ethiopian Airlines PR No fly zone


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