Al Jazeera Journalists Detained Briefly in Addis Ababa – VIDEO

AddisNews – AlJazeera journalists have been detained briefly by the Ethiopian government forces in Addis Ababa while trying to make a story on today’s bomb blast at Anwar mosque according to the TV station correspondent Charles Stratford.
Charles told in a report that government forces confiscated their IDs and forbid the crew from getting off from their car to prevent them from talking to witnesses at the explosion.

The explosion occurred in the busiest corner of the city Merkato after the Friday prayer in the country’s largest mosque. 16 people injured by the blast said government spokesman Getachew in a press release. No fatalities reported.

Following the capital city expansion plan students from Oromia region rallied in protest in multiple cities and clashed with government forces. Opposition parties claimed 10 people killed since the protest started last week.

No party took a responsibility for the bomb blast yet.


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