A Chatbot Unveils Harsh Reality Of Life For Ethiopian Women

Charity:Water and Lokai convey the difficulties of obtaining clean water through a fictional story of computer-generated girl

Chatbots are quickly becoming the preferred way to provide services fueled by technology while creating a tailored experience for each user. It comes as little surprise that charity:water has chosen to take advantage of chatbots to raise awareness and funds for its cause. On this occasion, the organization partnered with the jewelry brand Lokai to create a bot that will take users on a digital journey.

A user can send Yeshi, a fictional young Ethiopian girl, a message and she will promptly tell her harrowing journey to retrieve clean drinking water on the daily. Yeshi shares how her journey usually takes two-and-a-half hours to complete. She shows photos of Ethiopia along with her walk mapped out. Although users are not physically there with Yeshi, the photos and videos she sends along with her messages make it possible to picture the difficulties of her journey. It is not a one-way street either: Yeshi asks questions to users about their lives, creating a flowing conversation.

Although Yeshi is simply a chatbot, the experiences of Ethiopian women are conveyed in a way that gets users thinking. The fact is, millions of women are usually unable to pursue an education because they spend a considerable portion of their day accessing clean water. Yeshi allows users to take a step back and reflect on this harsh reality. Hopefully, this chatbot creates a desire to contribute to an important cause: access to clean, safe drinking water is something that should be a right for all.

Charity:water | Lokai

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